Issues With Ordinary Coffee Cup Lids

The archaic typical coffee cup lid was never designed for the superior quality of third wave coffee. We all learned to put up with the terrible drinking experience those coffee cup lids provided and did not complain because there were no alternatives except for taking the lid completely off. Now we have FoamAroma, The Best Coffee Cup Lid for The Best To-Go Drinking Experience.

Why We Need FoamAroma

FoamAroma is a coffee cup lid designed to enhance the coffee or tea drinking experience by engaging more of your senses. The customer on-the-go can now have a similarly enjoyable and rewarding experience as those drinking in the shop from an open cup.

Benefits of FoamAroma

Feel The Foam - Inhale The Aroma - Avoid The Burn and Geyser Squirt

The Best Coffee Cup Lid for The Best To-Go Experience

FoamAroma reinvented the lid because to-go coffee and tea lovers also deserve the best sensory experience while enjoying their beverage.


What The Media Says

  • "Sitting down to actually taste coffee side-by-side from an average lid and from the FoamAroma lid is an incredibly revelatory experience. A gorgeously-roasted Gesha from Klatch Coffee (who has recently switched to FoamAroma lids) was a characterless, bitter liquid when sucked through a tiny rectangle with no escape for its full-bodied fragrance—but was completely restored to its full flavor glory when sipped from the FoamAroma."

  • “FoamAroma, a US based startup, took it upon themselves to fix this problem faced by on-the-go coffee drinkers around the world by creating lids that allow you to smell while you drink on the go. Plus, the extra hole lets foam flow out smoothly. Ingenious!"

    Perfect Daily Grind
  • “Suddenly, all infantilizing side effects vanished: no sucking, no dribbling. Plus, because of the central opening, there was actual coffee aroma."

    Holly Finn, The Wall Street Journal
  • “I think the product is great! I have the same problem I can’t use traditional cups. I really think they screw the taste. So I’m looking forward to trying and using it. "