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“My moment of inspiration came from a drive home in Ridgefield, WA when I stopped by a local coffee shop to get a latte. I had some extra time, so I decided to go inside and relax while enjoying my drink from an open cup. It was such a marvelous and memorable experience. I had to go back the next day! This time it was in a to-go cup and lid which provided a disappointing experience.

Drinking from a ceramic cup provided foam, aroma, and the ability to control temperature which all combined made me think. The quality of an open ceramic cup provided better experience then a lid with a small hole.”

This single incident provided inspiration to create a solution for the frustrating experience that comes from a to-go paper cup and lid. The creative and unique design of the FoamAroma coffee cup lid allows the drinker to experience the enticing aroma and feel of silky foam every sip, even from a to-go cup.

Our vision is to be the “go to” brand for hot drink delivery systems.

First to give the consumer extraordinary experiences with ordinary events.  Secondly to provide the business with the best solutions driven by function and quality.