27 March 2018

The 10 Best Coffee Cup and Mug Designs

Coffee is something that is a lifestyle choice to a lot of people. It’s hard to beat a great tasting cup of coffee. even harder when it’s made in a top quality mug! Take a look at these ten great coffee mug designs for some gift inspiration.

1. The Bathing Girl Tea Cup Set

The Bathing Girl Teacup set can be used for tea and coffee. Featuring a drawing of a bathing girl, immersed “in your drink”, with her undergarments conveniently discarded on the spoon that comes with the set, this is a quirky and funny cup and saucer set that is classy and understated, but still a little cheeky, making it an ideal gift.

2. The Cookie Monster Mug

This Cookie monster-inspired mug features a convenient cookie holder at the bottom that will hold a couple of small cookies, warming them with the heat from your tea or coffee, and collecting crumbs too. It’s perfect for the cookie lover in your life.

cookie monster mug


3. Creature Cups

If you know someone who loves crazy and creepy creatures. whether a role playing fan or just someone who enjoys the fantastical and the strange, then you should take a look at these creepy creature mugs. These big mugs have sculpted creatures inside them, that are hidden away by your deep, dark coffee. Drink away that coffee lake to reveal an octopus, a crab, or something else entirely. What lies beneath that mocha surface? Who knows? We know one thing. You’ll have fun finding out!

4. The Floating Mug

This optical illusion mug is sure to delight magicians and those who can appreciate design and creativity. The mug is carefully crafted so that the handle touches only on one side, and suspends the actual container part of the mug. When viewed front-on, it looks like the mug is floating above a coaster-like stand. It’s a deceptively simple illusion, and it’s sure to turn heads in the break room.

the floating mug


5. The Lap Mug

Do you ever find yourself drinking while reclining in a lovely chair, but too far from the coffee table to be able to conveniently put your cup down? That’s exactly what the Lap Mug hopes to solve. This handy mug has an angled base. This means that when you’re sitting down with your legs together, the cup can ‘slot’ into your thighs, letting you use your lap as a table. The thick base means that it won’t feel too hot when you balance it, and you can keep your hands free for other, more important tasks such as reading a book or playing your favourite console game. It’s a brilliant invention! Of course, it’s probably not a great idea if you’re the sort that likes to sit cross-legged or who likes to fidget, but the base is stable enough that you can use it like a normal mug if you need to.

lap mug


6. Embrace Me Lover’s Mugs

These cute mugs make a great gift for a new couple, or as an anniversary present. The set contains two mugs, one feminine, one masculine. The mugs sit together with ‘arms’ that make them look like they’re hugging. These cute mugs are a great reminder for each person, something that makes you think of your partner, and a great way to say “I miss you and I care about you”. They are also perfectly sized to hold a nice cup of coffee or tea, and that’s the most important thing really, isn’t it! Whether you’re buying for a wedding, a long-term couple, or as a valentine’s gift, it’s hard to go wrong with these mugs.



7. Custom Porcelain Travel Mug

As more and more companies are tightening up on the idea of disposable coffee mugs, it’s becoming increasingly important to have a good travel mug to use for your coffee to go. There’s just one downside to many of the travel mugs that are on the market today; they are made from plastics that contain BPAs, and these BPAs can leech into the water in the mug, then get into your bloodstream, potentially causing adverse effects if you drink a lot of coffee. The good news is that there are some BPA-free alternatives out there, and this porcelain travel mug is just one such example. It’s easy to clean and perfect for keeping in your car. It features a silicone lid that is food-safe, and the mug itself is double-walled, so you can be confident that the coffee will stay warm. You can personalize the mug with up to two lines of text, so spent a moment to think about the message that you’d like to include.

8. Lock-Cup

Do you get sick of people in the office taking your coffee mug when they can’t be bothered to do the washing up? With this creative mug that will never happen again. The lock-cup is a mug that you can ‘lock’, rendering it unusable by anyone else. It comes with a key that is a plug which sits in one side of the mug. Insert the key when you want to drink, then when you’re done and you’ve put the cup away, take the key with you leaving the cup with a hole in one side so it can’t be used for drinking out of. It’s a great gift for a passive aggressive colleague that’s always complaining about people taking their stuff from the kitchen. and who knows, it could actually give you some peace at work too!


9. Grenade Mug

The grenade mug is just a bit of fun, but it sure is fun! Styled like a grenade, and with a lid for the pin area, this is perfect for the military lover or war gamer in your life. Available in black or white, this is a stunning looking gift that has a practical use too since the lid helps to keep your coffee warm.


10. Prescription Mug

This custom prescription mug is a creative, cute gift that comes in two versions. one for tea lovers and another for coffee lovers. It is a generously sized mug that has a prescription style label that details the benefits of coffee (or tea), as well as how often it should be consumed. You’ll be pleased to read that the doctors’ orders for your favorite pick-me-up are to drink it as often as desired until you’re feeling human. and ideally wide awake too.

There are many other custom mugs and creative cups or tea and coffee sets to choose from. Whether you’re a game of thrones lover, an athlete, a teacher or doctor, or a dedicated gamer you will find something that suits you. Thanks to some advances in technology you can now get custom heat changing mugs, as well as branded ones. How about a coffee mug that reveals lightsaber blades when you fill it with coffee? That doesn’t take the Force to do these days! Whatever you’re looking for as a Christmas, Birthday or “just because” gift or as a treat for yourself, you’ll find it online these days.

Of course, if you’re getting a great mug you probably want to have something nice to drink out of it – so why not pick up a good coffee filter or a Hario V60 Dripper so you can make some delicious coffee to have in your new cute, quirky or fun mug. There’s something about drinking out of a mug for the first time that makes the coffee taste extra special, so make it a drink that’s worth it.

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27 March 2018

10 Interesting Facts About Coffee

So, you may be one of the millions of people out there who love their daily cup of coffee and cannot do without it. Or, maybe you are among the rest of the population who are skeptical about this widely consumed beverage and its long term effects on the body. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall, one fact that everyone can agree on is that coffee can be very intriguing and mysterious. Scientists are yet to uncover all the secrets of this controversial yet widely consumed beverage.

Well, if you are eager to find out more about this caffeine-rich beverage, here are 10 interesting facts about coffee:

1. Coffee Can Be Deadly

Indeed, coffee can be deadly which means it can kill you. To be more specific though, it is the caffeine in the coffee that is deadly but you have to take around 80 to 100 cups of coffee within a short period of time for the drink to be fatal. By any means, you should not try this. A few years back, the FDA issued warnings to consumers on highly dangerous ‘powdered caffeine’ products that had hit the market. These products were considered to be similarly deadly.

2. Coffee Can Be Good For You

Numerous studies conducted in recent years have uncovered that coffee is actually good for your health. Specific health benefits include reduced risk of colon cancer, lower risk of heart attacks, improved liver function and overall reduced risk of early death. Coffee has also been associated with lowering the risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis (MS). So, yes, coffee when taken in reasonable quantities can have positive effects on your health and overall well-being.

3. Coffee Can Enhance Sex Drive

Again, past research has indicated that coffee can enhance sex drive especially in females. This benefit of coffee is however said to be limited to people who do not consume the drink very often.

4. Coffee Can Relieve Pain

Most people do not know that coffee can act as a natural pain reliever. Just two cups of coffee can reduce the muscle pain experienced post-workout. Again, this benefit of coffee is said to be limited to non-habitual drinkers of coffee. A 2012 study found that people who take 1 or 2 cups of coffee before sitting down to work at their desks experienced less shoulder and neck pain. Not many studies have been conducted on this area though so there are still no conclusive findings to support that coffee is truly a natural pain reliever.

5. Coffee Can Mess With Your Sleep

This is well-known fact about coffee. However, most people do not realize that coffee has long-standing effects that can last for hours. Health experts and nutritionists advise against taking coffee 6 hours before going to bed. The caffeine in the coffee can mess with your body’s internal clock, interfering with the signals that tell you when it is time for bed. Some studies have found that night shift workers who take coffee during working hours may experience difficulties sleeping during the day. So, it’s best to lay off the coffee if you are having trouble sleeping.

6. Decaf Coffee Has Caffeine

Oh yes! Decaf coffee is not completely caffeine-free. This is the reason why you may still experience some of the psychoactive effects of caffeine after taking decaffeinated coffee. It is said that 10 cups of decaf coffee contain the same amount of caffeine as 2 cups of regular coffee.

7. Decaffeination Is Done Using Chemicals

For decaf coffee to exist certain chemicals must be used to extract caffeine from raw coffee. To make decaffeinated coffee, beans are steamed to allow caffeine compounds to rise to the surface. An organic solvent known as methylene chloride is then employed to remove the most of the caffeine leaving a low-caffeinated drink.

8. Caffeine Is Not What Makes Coffee Bitter

What makes coffee bitter? Well, it is not the caffeine as many people assume. The culprit is the high-level of antioxidants in the coffee. These antioxidants are extremely good for your body so we can forgive them for their taste.

9. Whether Coffee Is Good or Bad Depends on Roasting and Brewing

When it comes to the flavor of your cup of coffee, the chemistry comes down to roasting and brewing. Roasting forces oil that is dissolved in the coffee beans to emerge due to high temperatures. The more oil, the richer and stronger the flavor. The caffeine content in coffee steadily rises as the grounds brew in water. This causes regular coffee to have more caffeine that cappuccino or espresso. Darker roasts are also known to yield more caffeine when brewed.

10. Coffee Was Discovered By Goats

If it wasn’t for a herd of goats on a mountainside in Africa, coffee would probably not exist. Why? Well, a shepherd taking care of his herd of goats one day found them eating some red berries and decided to feast on them as well. Little did he know that the berries he ate would keep him up at night. Upon discovering this, the shepherd took the berries to a monk who brewed the berries to make a drink. And basically the rest is history.

Coffee and the art of making the coffee beverage would soon spread to other parts of the world.

Bonus Fact: Coffee Is Rich in Beneficial Antioxidants

Coffee is more often than not associated with its high caffeine content and not its high antioxidants content. Coffee is however rich in beneficial antioxidants that are good for both your body and mind. Recent studies have shown that most Americans get their recommended daily amount of antioxidants from coffee. Just 1 or 2 cups of coffee each day are enough to keep your body toxins free. However, if you are not crazy about coffee, you can opt for another equally antioxidants rich drink, tea. Other sources of antioxidants include corn wrap, dry beans and bananas.

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27 March 2018

How Coffee Is Made – From Seed To Your Cup

the process of growing and roasting coffee beansThe aroma, the taste, and the kick of energy that coffee yields have made this beverage one of the most popular and one most consumed beverages on the planet. According to industry statistics, the demand for coffee has been on the rise in the last few years. This is very telling of how much citizens of the world love coffee.

For instance, in the period 2015 to 2016, demand for coffee exceeded production. This is a significant consideration, keeping in mind that the same period saw 148 million bags of coffee (60kg bags) produced.

For many people, there is no getting around without coffee. For some, drinking a morning cup of coffee is religiously observed and as such, consuming coffee is part of the daily routine. For many others, consuming coffee is the perfect way of improving their alertness and concentration throughout their working day.

However, given that coffee is undeniably an important part of our lives these days, have you thought of how coffee is made? If you have, this read will interest you. We will explore the intricate details of coffee production, keeping mind that only the production practices yield the best quality coffee. As such, while there are numerous ways of producing coffee, we believe that only the best practices suffice. Therefore, we will focus purely on the best way to make coffee.

Planting And Caring For The Coffee Plants

What we know as coffee beans are actually seeds of the cherries produced by coffee plants. As such, to get coffee, the first thing in the long process of producing coffee is taking the seeds of the cherries and planting them. However, farmers are usually advised to use certified and high-grade coffee seeds to ensure that their plant and produce are of high- quality.

Part of caring for the coffee seedling includes amply watering the seedbed and shading. After the seedling has matured enough to plant in the coffee fields or farm, the seedlings are transferred. The trees usually take about 3 to 5 years before the trees produce the first cherries. It is important to note that coffee does not grow everywhere as it usually thrives in the tropics.

#2 Harvesting Coffee Cherries

Typically, coffee trees usually produce one harvest per year. However, in countries like Colombia, where is there are two harvest periods, the cherries are harvested twice in a year one major harvest and another minor harvest.

When it comes to harvesting, the process can be mechanized, especially in coffee regions that are fairly flat, or it can be a manual harvest process. In the case of manual harvesting, a lot of labor is required, pushing up the production costs.

For the best quality coffee, selective picking of the cherries is applied. This is where the pickers or the harvesting machines pick the ripe coffee cherries only, leaving the rest on the plant to ripen. However, there producers who use strip picking, where all the coffee cherries are harvested, their stage of ripening notwithstanding.

#3 Processing The Coffee Cherries

After harvesting, coffee is shipped to the processing plant, with the intention of prompt processing to negate spoilage. There are generally two ways of processing:

Dry processing method

This is the traditional processing method and it involves simply sun drying the cherries until the moisture content left is about 11%. While drying, the cherries are raked and turned every so often to ensure proper all-round drying. At night and when it is raining, the cherries are covered. This method is usually cost-effective and does not require a lot of water.

Wet processing method

This is the modern drying method. It involves bean pulping and fermentation. To begin with, the harvested coffee is passed through a pulping machine, where the skin along with the pulp is separated from the bean. Thereafter, the beans are passed through separation channels. Inside the channels, the heavier bean which are usually the ripe beans, sink while the lighter beans float, thus separating different sizes of coffee beans. The actual separation is done using rotating drums.

The different qualities of beans are fermented in water-filled tanks. Depending on various factors, including the quality of beans and the climate, the beans remain in the fermentation tanks for 12 to 48 hours. During this period, the layer of mucilage covering the beans will dissolve in the water. After fermentation, the beans are sun-dried or machine dried until the moisture content is 11%. The wet processing method has the advantage of negating damage to the beans during and thus is the preferred method.

#4 Milling The Beans

The milling processes is the usually done to improve the quality of the product. During this stage, the coffee cherries go through hulling, which remove the endocarp, which is known as parchment layer from the beans. Additionally, polishing (the removal of any remaining parchment layer) can be done. However, you should note that some milling processes, especially polishing, have a very little bearing on the quality of the product and thus can and are skipped.

Finally, grading and sorting processes are done by taking into account size and weight. At the end of this process, one is left with green coffee beans.

#5 Tasting

Tasting is done for batches of coffee that will be used for blending. Unless matters of consistency of products are of concern, this stage can be skipped.

#6 Roasting And Grinding The Beans

Roasting is the final and most crucial part of the processing coffee. It turns the green coffee beans to the typical coffee beans that we all know. The process is dependent on precise temperature setting and timing, which imparts the characteristics (such as the strength of flavor, aroma, and the caffeine content) of the coffee. Additionally, while roasting, the beans are split and any coating left behind is removed. After roasting, the grinding is done to make it easy to get the most of the coffee in terms of flavor and caffeine.

#7 Brewing Coffee

The final bit is preparing your cup of coffee.

Of course, there is the shipment of the coffee before you can make a cup of coffee. Typically, the coffee is exported right after milling in sisal bags of 60 kilograms. However, in some specialty coffee, it is shipped after grinding and final packaging. This is the case for gold coffee, which tends to among the highest quality coffee on the market.

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how coffee is made infograph

27 March 2018

The Top 5 Organic Coffee Brands

organic coffee brandsMost of us want to make the best choices for our body in order to stay healthy in the long run. What we consume has a direct effect on the body’s health and functions. That is why the majority of us have shifted to organic foods. In fact, organic foods contribute to our overall health as well as a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Organic coffee comes with potential health benefits. Coffee is the favored morning ritual of millions of people across the globe. It contains a high amount of polyphenol antioxidants – which are important to combat toxins in the body. A study by the US National Library of Medicine states that caffeine has a long-term positive impact on our cognition. It helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. That is why you need to rely on organic coffee to get all these health benefits.

Choosing organic coffee is not only good for your health but to the conservation of the environment too. In fact, organic farming uses natural processes and eliminates chemical fertilizers and toxic sprays in the process. When you opt for organic coffee, you are ingesting hundreds of beneficial antioxidants and eliminating harmful chemicals found in conventional coffee. Hence, you should opt for organic coffee brands on the market when buying coffee. You can purchase both fresh and freeze-dried varieties of organic coffee on the market today. You can also check the community for any local organic coffee producers. Whole beans contain more healing properties compared to their processed counterparts on the market. As a consumer, you should support sustainable farming by purchasing organic coffee brands in order to decrease the demand for wasteful practices and conventional farming. There are many organic coffee brands on the market today. Hence, you may find it difficult to choose the best brands. Your research becomes so important when shopping for the best brands of organic coffee on the market. Here are some of the top organic coffee brands on the market today.

Cameron’s Coffee

Cameron’s coffeecamano island coffee has been on the market since 1978. The brand is synonymous with specialty coffee beans that are rich in flavor. The company chooses only the most flavorful organic arabica coffee beans from across the world. They are carefully blended and roasted in small batches before marketing to the customer. The customer is able to enjoy a truly wonderful cup of coffee due to the quality of the product. The finest organic coffee beans are sourced from countries such as Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Kenya, Sumatra, and Columbia. The company guarantees that their brand meets strict environmental standards. In fact, their organic beans are grown and processed without the use of herbicides, chemicals, and pesticides. That is why you need to buy Cameron’s coffee if you are shopping for a quality organic brand of coffee on the market.

Equal Exchange

The company works with small co-ops of farmers around the globe to source high-quality organic coffee beans to make a coffee chain that values the places and people who are part of the process. This classic blend combines dark and medium roasted coffee beans for a cup of coffee that is rich in flavonoids. The cup is sweet and balanced with hints of caramel, roasted nut, and chocolate brownie. You are buying one of the highest quality organic coffee brands on the market when you invest in this brand. The product has been creating quite a buzz in the industry for some time.

The Good Life Verve

This is another top organic brand of coffee on the market today. The coffee beans are roasted in the UK, and they source organic beans from their suppliers in Karnataka (Southwest India). The beans are laboratory-tested in order to make sure that they are organic without toxins or mold to spoil the flavor. Each batch is roasted to order so that the customer gets the freshest flavor available at all times. Verve is the ideal coffee brand for those of you who follow the paleo lifestyle. That is why you need to buy this high-quality organic coffee brand right now.

The Camano Island Roasters

Everything about this brand of coffee is organic. The company buys only the highest quality organic Arabica coffee beans to use for the blend. It is considered a single origin brew since the coffee beans are sourced from one supplier. The beans are grown organically at high altitude in Sumatra. The company is very serious about their ethics. Hence, they choose only fairly traded, shade grown beans for the product. The flavor profile of the brand is described as full-bodied, fruity, and sweet. The brand is highly rated for its robust brew. The beans are roasted just prior to despatch. Hence, you know that you are getting the freshest coffee when you buy The Camano Island Roasters. That is why you should buy this organic coffee brand right now.

The Death Wish Coffee

This is another high-quality organic coffee brand in the world. These beans are grown to USDA standards. The brand has a high caffeine content as well as low acidity levels. The brand is noted for not being as bitter as most of the other ultra-strong coffee brands on the market today. But if you are sensitive to caffeine, this is not the best brand of coffee for someone like you. The brand is very well rated by a majority of the customers who have purchased the product. Most customers regard the Death Wish Coffee as one of the world’s strongest brands today. You will find a host of positive reviews for this brand on the internet and online forums. That is why you need to buy this organic coffee brand without delay.


Most of us want to make the best choices for our health. Organic foods are chosen to improve our health and well-being in the long run. Organic coffee is popular across the globe today. The above article provides information on the top organic coffee brands on the market.


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