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WHAT’S NEW: Sample FoamAroma lids have been made in a new biodegradable material and are being lab tested for certification. Stay Tuned . . . .

Would like a quote for some lids! We love your FoamAroma lids. Such a neat invention and we feel it would really change the customer’s experience at our shop. We tested some late last year and loved them. Thanks!

Hot Cup Factory is one of the e-commerce FoamAroma distributors for shipping individual cases to the 48 states. Their customers post reviews of FoamAroma on the Hot Cup Factory website.

Are there plans for Foam Aroma, to license its design (or develop and sell) for travel ceramic mugs. I would be willing to pay top dollar for a mug I could use everyday for my own home brewed coffee. I appreciate the lids because the extra opening allows for the olfactory experience to be added while sipping. Best way to imitate the at home open mug approach while driving.

Thanks for your quick response. I’ve seen your lids use by two different coffee shops that I visit when out of my area (central PA). Mea Cuppa in Charleston WV and Third Wave out of Lynchburg Va. Both locations I remember as the best “to go” coffee I’ve ever had. I would be excited to purchase for home use, I considered buying a 1000 and splitting with some of my friends, but wasn’t sure about what type of cup I’d need to purchase…. Keep up the good work, hope the product takes off in more locations.

I travel a fair bit but mostly around WV and PA. I usually make a point to seek out high end coffee shops wherever I’m at whether if its for work or pleasure, as does a good friend of mine. He has some connections with the owners and workers at what I consider the best roaster in PA, Passenger located in Lancaster. I can give him some to take around.

Yes, I received the sample box-thank you thank you! I was actually really intrigued by the squat 8 oz cup, haven’t seen one like that before! But it totally makes sense to streamline all the lid sizes to truly be a one-size-fits-all system. I could definitely get behind that idea. We enjoyed testing out the different ways to sip and trying to splash coffee out of the holes in the lid, simulating a bumpy car ride or something, and are delighted at how sturdy the design and structure of the lids seem! My partner also approved and was glad to be able to try out the lids before buying. Thanks to the sample box, I am very satisfied with the product, and feel comfortable replacing our current lids. Therefore, I have already ordered a case of the lids and plugs from our friends at Geva, in anticipation of soon finishing up our current supply of hot lids. And I look forward to trying out the squatty 8 oz hot cups sometime in the future, and streamlining our lid system.

Was served a latte that had the lid on it! Cool little shop in Columbia TN called Wolf & Scout.  I went… ‘holy crap, this lid is awesome’.  Being able to smell the ingredients is huge, but also the mouthfeel of the foam made it a great experience.

Hey Craig! Yes! We ordered 2000 from Barista Pro Shop. We’ve loved them so far. A much more enjoyable drinking experience!

We did get our lids and are enjoying them! Our customers have definitely noticed and appreciated the difference. It truly is amazing how much of a difference a good lid makes.

Hi Craig! We love our FoamAroma lids…we get nice feedback on them too. I could never go to the generic coffee cup lids. We get our cups from Hot Cup Factory and it works very well!

Just wanted to follow up about the lids! I absolutely loved them. Not just your product, but the reason and motive behind it is amazing. Thank you so much for the samples, I’m definitely going to try to push your product and see if we can transfer over to using your lids! Thanks again!

I have been using these for years, and am so shocked these have not become the industry standard across the globe. if you ever ask someone which product taste better, and have them sip the same drink with a standard lid, or one of these, foam aroma always wins. at the competitive price point I don’t know why my shop is the only place I have every been to with these lids. do your customers a favor and utilize this product!

Wow! Such a quick response. Thanks. I really asked for the samples for a local coffee shop (Common Grounds in Hartwell Ga). I visited my son in Cypress TX recently and frequented a place named L3 Craft. They use your lids and I fell in love with the way they feel/work. I will take the samples to Common Grounds and let you know what they think. I’ve told them about the very unique feel one gets when drinking from a cup with your lid. I’m hoping that they’ll adopt.

Hello Craig, I will be asking for a few samples from your website. In anticipation of liking your product, my zip code is 76270. I am a completely mobile business so to-go lids touch every coffee sale. Thank you for being so passionate about your product. It is inspiring when a person seeks perfection in common-use items and changes the paradigm.

Thank you so much for the samples. I was amazed at how much flavor came out of my pour overs from your lids! It definitely reduces perceived bitterness as well. I noticed another shop in town, Sump Coffee, is using them as well. Your lids really make my experience as a customer with a great coffee that much better. I would love to use your lids on my coffee trailer. What is your pricing and would I be able to get them by the 21st? Thank you again.

My wife and I just enjoyed the most mesmerizing to-go coffee we have ever dreamed of thanks entirely to your genius lids! We don’t know what it has cost you to create it and make it available, but we are indebted to you and could not be more grateful and relieved. Thank You!!

We couldn’t stay away from your lids and had to return to Red Horn this morning. They were even better than we remembered! Here are some dead honest quotes from the bottom of our hearts. All rights, including edits, transferred to you without reservation:

Now I know how my parents felt watching the first moon walk. A plastic lid just lifted my to-go cup above the satisfaction of a ceramic mug!

The best lid I ever had previously was immediately downgraded to a ‘3’, at best. Future generations will never know how bad we had it.

We now travel past 15 excellent coffee shops just to get to the one carrying FoamAroma lids!

The lids were perfect as well as the cover snap in pieces. I bought some through Barista Pro Shop because I was already ordering stuff from them. Thanks Craig! My customers absolutely love the lids too btw. I’m seeing Instagram pictures go up and I’ve heard it directly.

I wanted to let you know that I have been using your lids in my church’s coffee shop for almost a year now. I love them! Thank you for creating such a great product to enhance the coffee experience.

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