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Frequently Asked Questions
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I have not heard of FoamAroma before. Is it new?

No, FoamAroma is not new. It has been on the market since 2012. Here is the timeline.

  • 2007 Oct – I had my first latte experience that ignited the idea to fix the lid
  • 2011 Jan – Formed the business FoamAroma LLC
  • 2011 Jun – Awarded first patent
  • 2011 Sep – Booth at first Coffee Fest tradeshow with samples only
  • 2011 Dec – First production run
  • 2012 Jan – First sale

Who makes FoamAroma and AromaSnap? Where is it made and warehoused?

Production of FoamAroma and AromaSnap is contracted to LidWorks in Plant City, FL (near Tampa). The warehouse is in Orlando, FL.

What notable coffee shops use FoamAroma?

Some of the notable coffee shops using FoamAroma are:

  • George Howell Coffee – Boston, MA
  • Klatch Coffee Roasting – Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Sump Coffee – St. Louis, MO
  • Refuge Coffee – Clarkston, GA
  • North Lime Coffee & Donuts – Lexington, KY
  • Lucky Goat Coffee – Tallahassee, FL
  • North Perk Coffee – Petoskey, MI
  • Yellowhammer Coffee – Mobile, AL

Are there testimonials for the benefits of FoamAroma?

Download PDF for current list of unsolicited testimonials (Testimonials – FoamAroma.pdf)

My current lid allows liquid to squirt out down the outside of the cup. FoamAroma has 2 bigger holes. Does FoamAroma spill more than the typical lid?

No, FoamAroma is designed to not allow liquid to squirt out.

  • If any liquid comes out of FoamAroma it simply falls out of the drink hole away from the drinker and is contained by the perimeter wall and drains back into the cup.
  • Elements Of Design: The typical lid has a small hole in line with the cup wall that allows the wave traveling up the wall of the cup to funnel up through the hole. With a small hole the liquid momentum creates enough velocity to squirt. With FoamAroma, the drink hole is moved a little toward the center away from the cup wall and the flat spot for the lower lip creates a barrier so the wave does not have access to the drink hole. You can see this by looking at the underside of FoamAroma. Plus, the bigger area of the drink hole reduces the velocity of the liquid so it simply falls out instead of squirting. With the drink hole angled away from the consumer the liquid falls toward the center of the lid and is contained by the perimeter wall. Then the liquid drains back into the cup or is slurped up by the consumer in a controlled manor.
  • Liquid does not come out the middle aroma hole. The middle of the cup is where the wave is at its lowest.
  • This can be proven with a simple test. Fill a 12oz cup with cold tap water to where you typically fill for coffee or tea. With your current lid in place, gently shake the cup with increasing agitation until liquid squirts out. Now change the lid to FoamAroma and try to shake the cup the same way as when the squirting happened with your current lid. Let me know what happens.
  • AromaSnap is not needed on all drinks, it can be a customer request. For 2019, about 1 AromaSnap hole closure tab was sold for every 6 FoamAroma lids.

I am a barista. Sometimes when I put a typical lid on a very full latte the foam comes out the little hole and down the outside of the cup. I then must take time to cleanup the mess and put on a new lid. Does this happen with FoamAroma?

No, this does not happen with FoamAroma. Because the drink hole is not on the outside perimeter and it is angled towards the center, if foam comes out of the FoamAroma hole the foam stays contained in the middle by the perimeter wall. No cleanup required.

What material is used to make FoamAroma and does FoamAroma come in compostable material?

FoamAroma is made from a premium blend of high impact polystyrene (#6 plastic). The blend is to make it a little more flexible so it can stretch and grab on to the cup without splitting. I am continually exploring other options with the manufacturer. At this time a compostable option is not available. Please see this downloadable PDF, (Environment – FoamAroma.pdf).

Where can I buy FoamAroma and how much?

I do not sell cases directly to coffee shops. I sell pallet loads to distributors who then sell and deliver cases. Distributors set their own prices. When you get ready to purchase, contact me, Craig Bailey, and I will provide a list of distributors for your area.

If your business has multiple coffee shop locations and you utilize internal distribution, then you can purchase directly from FoamAroma LLC by the pallet (48 cases per pallet).

What does a better drinking experience with FoamAroma do for my business?

This is the crux of the whole deal isn’t it? When customers have a different and better experience, they remember how they felt. When you did the taste test how did you feel with FoamAroma compared to your current lid? The emotion with the experience is what will influence people back to the same shop to have it again. They will not want to go back to the ordinary lids again.

It is crazy to think that ordinary coffee consumers contact me about their experience with a coffee cup lid, but they do. Below is one such comment from a coffee shop customer.

  • My wife and I just enjoyed the most mesmerizing to-go coffee we have ever dreamed of thanks entirely to your genius lids! We don’t know what it has cost you to create it and make it available, but we are indebted to you and could not be more grateful and relieved. Thank You!! We couldn’t stay away from your lids and had to return to Red Horn this morning. They were even better than we remembered! Here are some dead honest quotes from the bottom of our hearts. All rights, including edits, transferred to you without reservation:
  • Now I know how my parents felt watching the first moon walk. A plastic lid just lifted my to-go cup above the satisfaction of a ceramic mug!
  • The best lid I ever had previously was immediately downgraded to a ‘3’, at best. Future generations will never know how bad we had it.
  • We now travel past 15 excellent coffee shops just to get to the one carrying FoamAroma lids!
  • Mike & Pam (May 2020) – Customer: Red Horn Coffee & Brew, Austin, TX

I have a coffee shop in Europe, can FoamAroma be exported?

Yes, FoamAroma can be exported. Contact me, Craig Bailey, for details.

How is shipping handled?

When a distributor purchases pallets of FoamAroma, typically FoamAroma LLC arranges shipping Prepay & Bill at actual cost and invoiced as separate line item. Shipping cost will be quoted at time of order.
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