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WHAT’S NEW (Sept. 2022): New FoamAroma distributor for KY, OH, WV - General Sales Company of Ashland, Inc. ( Link To Website )
If you want to purchase a case:
If you want to Distribute:
  • FoamAroma is a great entry product to acquire new customers. If you would like to learn more about becoming a FoamAroma distributor, please use the I WANT TO DISTRIBUTE button below to request information.
  • FoamAroma distributors are supported with:
Promotional material
Free sample packs sent to distributor or directly to the coffee shop
Local coffee shop contacts

Independent coffee/tea shops
purchase cases of FoamAroma and
AromaSnap through distributors

If large coffee shop chains have internal
distribution set up they have the option
to purchase directly from FoamAroma LLC
in pallet quantities

distributors are unique

Buy FoamAroma Wholesale Cups and Lids

For a Strong Coffee To-Go Presence

Want to put passion into your coffee cup? On this page you can find out where to buy where to buy lids by design and elevate the brand of your coffee shop. This will provide the ultimate experience for your coffee on the go.

If you care about growing your brand and increasing brand loyalty, you owe your customers to use only premium-grade coffee cup lids by FoamAroma. Our custom plastic lids let your customers savor the foam, inhale the aroma, and avoid coffee spills with its triangular drink hole design. Think about turning your to-go coffee experience into drinking from an open cup. Now that’s fantastic!

If you have questions about where to buy lids by design, call us at FoamAroma. We are your go-to premium coffee lid maker in the US.

Get FoamAroma Wholesale Cups and Lids

Order Here

Be a FoamAroma Distributor

FoamAroma custom plastic coffee cup lids are available for distribution. As a premium coffee lid maker, our product is an excellent way for you to acquire new business. We provide full support to our valued FoamAroma distributors, including:

  • Promotional marketing materials
  • Sample packs of plastic lids sent directly to your contact of coffee shop owners
  • List of references of local coffee shop owners
  • Free product training and materials for your sales team

FoamAroma also helps you create more business opportunities. We will share other product lines you carry to other shops within your delivery area. Also, we will coordinate with you about local trade shows and events happening within your area.

Become a FoamAroma Distributor

Email FoamAroma or Call Us Today: 360-901-9537

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