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WHAT’S NEW: Sample FoamAroma lids have been made in a new biodegradable material and are being lab tested for certification. Stay Tuned . . . .
Issues With Ordinary Coffee Cup Lids

Designed only to prevent spills

Not an enjoyable experience

Harsh mouth feel

Do not smell the coffee

Cannot feel the latte foam

Have to suck like with a sippy cup
because there is no air flow

Spillage squirts out or runs
down the outside of the cup

Why We Need FoamAroma

The third wave coffee movement is a movement led by both consumers and manufacturers to consume, enjoy, and appreciate high-quality coffee.
Many specialty drinks use syrups to add flavor and aroma.

– Wikipedia

“An underlying dilemma in the coffee industry is the push & pull between convenience and quality. For coffee shop owners with a strong “to-go” presence, offering disposable cups/lids is a must. This has always meant sacrificing a full flavor and aromatics with a traditional to-go lid. The introduction of FoamAroma lids revolutionizes this aspect, allowing customers to taste every nuance one would get from a porcelain cup. If you care about the quality of your coffee, you owe it to your customers to pay equal attention to your lids as well.”

–  Stephen Zirschky, Barista Trainer @ Seattle Barista Academy

Benefits Of FoamAroma

Smell the aroma (We have
emotional connection to smells.)

Feel the foam on
your tongue

Pleasant mouth feel that
seals to lower lip

Surprisingly enjoyable

Customers remember the
different to-go experience

Do It For Your Customers

With so many shops competing for customers, shops need to
differentiate themselves any way they can.

“My wife and I just enjoyed the most mesmerizing to-go coffee we have ever dreamed of. All thanks entirely to your genius lids! We couldn’t stay away from your lids and had to return to Red Horn this morning.  And we now travel past 15 excellent coffee shops just to get to the one carrying Foam Aroma lids!”

[Mike & Pam Otten (May 2020) – Customer: Red Horn Coffee & Brew,
Austin, TX]

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About FoamAroma Premium Coffee Lid

A Disposable Coffee Cup Lid Design for Better Coffee Experience

The to-go coffee drinking experience has always been focused on no-spill. This is especially important for long road trips or while you’re doing a coffee run. At FoamAroma, we offer our premium lid to distributors and coffee shop owners as we revolutionize the way your customers should drink coffee on the go.

Moreover, the FoamAroma coffee lid design solves the “geyser squirt.” This lets you savor the foam and inhale the aroma for the ultimate coffee experience.

Why Choose FoamAroma Coffee Lid Design

The coffee industry has always used a traditional disposable coffee cup lid design that lacks airflow. Moreover, drinkers are forced to suck rather than sip their coffee as they usually do on a porcelain cup.

Is there a way to imitate that experience of drinking coffee from the porcelain cup?

Introducing FoamAroma Premium Lids

  • A triangular drink hole is moved towards the center of the cup lid, away from the outside edge. As a result this prevents the coffee wave from riding up the wall of the cup.
  • The center aroma hole lets you smell your coffee for a better experience without any coffee coming out of it.
  • Therefore drinking hole is broader for more airflow, which lets you drink your coffee easily.

Try drinking your foamy coffee latte from a traditional coffee lid, then switch to FoamAroma coffee lid to see the difference. As a result, the velvety feel of the foam and the additional aroma from the flavoring syrup makes a huge difference as your customers sip their coffee using FoamAroma hot cup lids. Now, shake your coffee and see how crazy the premium coffee lid works. As a result, goodbye coffee spill!

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