Issues With Ordinary Coffee Cup Lids

The archaic typical coffee cup lid was never designed for the superior quality of third wave coffee. We all learned to put up with the terrible drinking experience those coffee cup lids provided and did not complain because there were no alternatives except for taking the lid completely off.

Why We Need FoamAroma

FoamAroma is a coffee cup lid designed to enhance the coffee or tea drinking experience by engaging more of your senses. The customer on-the-go can now have a similarly enjoyable and rewarding experience as those drinking in the shop from an open cup.

Benefits of FoamAroma

Feel The Foam - Inhale The Aroma - Avoid The Burn and Geyser Squirt

The Moment of Inspiration

FoamAroma reinvented the lid because to-go coffee and tea lovers also deserve the best sensory experience while enjoying their beverage.


What The Media Says

  • "Sitting down to actually taste coffee side-by-side from an average lid and from the FoamAroma lid is an incredibly revelatory experience. A gorgeously-roasted Gesha from Klatch Coffee (who has recently switched to FoamAroma lids) was a characterless, bitter liquid when sucked through a tiny rectangle with no escape for its full-bodied fragrance—but was completely restored to its full flavor glory when sipped from the FoamAroma."

  • “FoamAroma, a US based startup, took it upon themselves to fix this problem faced by on-the-go coffee drinkers around the world by creating lids that allow you to smell while you drink on the go. Plus, the extra hole lets foam flow out smoothly. Ingenious!"

    Perfect Daily Grind
  • “Suddenly, all infantilizing side effects vanished: no sucking, no dribbling. Plus, because of the central opening, there was actual coffee aroma."

    Holly Finn, The Wall Street Journal
  • “I think the product is great! I have the same problem I can’t use traditional cups. I really think they screw the taste. So I’m looking forward to trying and using it. "


The Best Coffee Cup Lids by FoamAroma

Grabbing a cup of coffee is the number one thing Americans do first thing in the morning. Many people feel that there is nothing better than the smell of a fresh brew early in the morning to wake them up and prepare them for a busy day ahead. From a simple Italian espresso to more complex mocha blends with caramel flavor and extra cream, every joe lover searches for that perfect cup that will suit their inner coffee needs and desires and bring them back again and again for more.

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Drinking has always held great significance as an integral part of social interaction. From family gatherings to business meetings, important things have always been discussed over a drink. And when it comes to emotional issues, a cup of coffee is the first thing that is offered to a friend or anyone who is having a hard time. Companies like Starbucks have taken this concept and built a multi-billion international empire around it.When you have finally tracked down your perfect drink and find yourself returning for the familiar comfort of a carefully crafted cup made just how you like it, you know that you have struck gold. By 2012 the manufacturers and distributors of coffee in the U.S. had reached $59 billion in sales, a figure that has steadily increased by 20% each year since then. The heaviest users of specialty coffees are between 25 and 45 years of age, which constitutes the bulk of the American working population. When we come back to the fact that ‘the number one thing that Americans do in the morning is grab a cup of joe, many coffee shops have realized the importance of providing customers with their favorite drink in a paper cup as they rush off to work. This is where the top came into its own to keep the coffee hot and prevent it from spilling in transit while walking or driving.Beans start to deteriorate the moment they are roasted and that is why freshly ground beans from a coffee shop tastes so much better than ready-ground products. Quality shops continuously have a grinder on the go to satisfy the high demand for the fabulous aroma that accompanies a freshly brewed.This is where the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed espresso and the sumptuous taste of foam floating on a milky drink like a latte were sacrificed to the on-the-go trend. Like you, we are passionate about our favorite drinks, whether that is coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and yet we were frustrated at how the aroma and taste were compromised when we ordered a drink on-the-go. Of course, no-one suspected that the problem could be solved with a simple redesign of the lid on the cups.

The FoamAroma Inspiration: You Should Be Able To Smell The Aroma & Fragrance

The moment of inspiration came when I came across a coffee shop on my way home that served a latte that turned into a wonderful and memorable experience. I just had to repeat the experience, only I didn’t have the time to relax and enjoy my latte from an open cup this time and ordered to go. Drinking from the disposal container with a conventional lid was a disappointing experience, but one that got me thinking about why the same drink has such a different taste in a disposable cup.At this point, it is important to remember that we use more than just our sense of taste when we eat or drink. We all know how the aroma of food or drinks contributes to the overall experience of eating or drinking. That is when I realized that drinking from ceramic cups or mugs allowed the aroma and texture of the foam from steamed milk that made the taste so special to be fully enjoyed. The same goes for any hot drink and if your favorite drink is tea your will experience the same let-down when you can’t enjoy the aroma of a good tea when you drink it through a conventional lid.If the quality of a drink was affected to that extent by drinking it from a lid with a small hole and it was also ineffective at controlling the temperature of the drink, the solution had to be in the lid. We have always had to put up without complaint with the dreadful drinking experience that the typical to-go coffee cup lids gave us as there were no alternatives.This single experience motivated me to create a solution for the millions of consumers who share my disappointment when they drink from to-go paper cups with lids. So I designed a lid that would be worthy of the quality of the drink in the beverage and allow everyone to have the same enjoyment they would experience when drinking from a ceramic mug.The unique design of the FoamAroma disposable cup lid allows the enticing aroma of the drink to escape from the lid, filling your senses with its enticing fragrance. And when it comes to milky drinks with a silky foam on top, the innovative design of the lid ensures that the drinker will experience the smooth silken feel instead of leaving it all behind in the bottom of the item. There is little sense in making the finest coffee if the actual act of consumption is less pleasurable than it should be.FoamAroma was designed to increase the sensory experience of drinking on-the-go and foster a better relationship between drink and consumer. Our ultimate goal with this new lid is to provide consumers with the same exquisite experience they enjoy when drinking from an open vessel. Once they sense the difference, they will never go back to drinking from cups with conventional lids that deny them the pleasure of what they are seeking in a teacup of tea great aroma and taste at the perfect temperature.For the first time the consumer of to-go hot beverages is able enjoy the exact taste and aroma of their favorite hot beverage as though they were in a coffee shop. Finally, on-the-go drink consumers are also now empowered to simply and effectively control the rate at which the temperature of the drink decreases for optimal personalized consumption. This is no longer only about the lid but about what the lid can do for customers to have the best to-go hot beverage experience. With a FoamAroma lid you can inhale the aroma, feel the silky smooth foam on your tongue, and avoid the burn from the geyser squirt.Now that we have designed FoamAroma lids consumers have access to the best to-go drink experience, whereas before the best they could do was take the non-functional lid off in order to get to the aroma and real taste of the drink.The innovative FoamAroma lid is ideal for coffee shops, cafes, and bakeries that provide customers with hot, cold, or warm beverages on-the-go. The lids can be custom made to fit paper, polystyrene, Styrofoam, or plastic cups with or without handles.FoamAroma coffee cup lids will improve the enjoyment of all types of coffee including:
  • Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Long Macchiato
  • Short Macchiato
  • Long Black
  • Ristretto
  • Café Latte
  • Flat White
  • Cappuccino
  • Piccolo Latte
  • Affogato
  • Mocha
  • Demitasse
  • Cortado
  • Gibraltar
  • Decaf
  • Java
  • Jamocha
Types of Materials For Mugs & Cups:
  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Paper
  • Polystyrene
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic
  • Paper Sleeve For Insulation of Hot or Cold Liquids
  • Every coffee shop is unique and tells its own story. Customers who love the experience will want to take a piece of that story home with them. Our custom printed glazed ceramic and porcelain cups and mugs in the latest, best-selling drinkware trends are the perfect way to provide your customers with a special memento of their memorable experience in your establishment.We supply wholesale quantities to wholesalers as well as retailers and small businesses of lids, sleeves, cups, and mugs. more info