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WHAT’S NEW: Sample FoamAroma lids have been made in a new biodegradable material from NBC and being lab tested for certification (Link To NBC).
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VIDEO: Taste Test FoamAroma Experience

This fun video shows a typical response to the first FoamAroma Experience.  FoamAroma was purposefully designed to enhance the total drinking experience. You must compare your product using your current ordinary lid versus FoamAroma to fully appreciate what impact a lid has on the customers’ perception of your brand.

“Suddenly, all infantilizing side effects vanished: no sucking, no dribbling.
Plus, because of the central opening, there was actual coffee aroma.”

Holly Finn, The Wall Street Journal


Surprise your to-go customers with an enjoyable drinking experience. They will come back for more. This collection of unsolicited testimonials illustrates this point splendidly.


I Understand Why You Are Here at This Site,
You Are Thinking

There Must Be A Better Way

A single coffee experience in 2007 provided inspiration to create a solution for the frustrating experience that comes from a to-go paper cup and lid. The creative
and unique design of the FoamAroma coffee cup lid allows the drinker to experience the enticing aroma and feel of silky foam every sip, even from a to go cup.

FoamAroma - Premium Coffee Lid Manufacturer

Better Coffee Experience

FoamAroma delivers state-of-the-art takeaway coffee cup lids that change how your customers sip their coffee on the go. As a premium coffee cup lid maker, we want your customers to drink your to-go coffee like drinking from a porcelain cup.

Hot cup lids by FoamAroma allow your customers to savor the foam and inhale the aroma without the “geyser spill.”

Experience the FoamAroma Coffee Cup Lid

All coffee lovers know this. Smelling the aroma isn’t possible when you have coffee on the go. And for the most part, your customers have embraced that reality so that they would not miss their morning coffee as they go about their day. But, should you continue to use lids designed by disposable coffee cup lid manufacturers 30 years ago?

Moreover, traditional hot cup lids lack airflow, which forces drinkers to suck rather than sip their coffee. As if it’s not convenient enough, the foam overflows, and coffee lovers can’t smell the aroma. Therefore, no matter what top-quality beans you use for your coffee, your customers cannot see its value. This is because your regular coffee cup lid is blocking the aroma.

Why take away that great customer experience when you can choose a revolutionary coffee cup lid manufacturer — FoamAroma!

Choose FoamAroma Coffee Cup Lid Maker

Most coffee cup lid manufacturers focus on preventing spills for to-go coffee. As a result, FoamAroma coffee lid manufacturer focuses on enhancing your customer experience. First savor the foam. Then inhale the aroma. And, no geyser spill. Why? With an excellent customer experience, your brand will stand out. Especially after getting thousands of positive testimonials from your customer base.

Truly, FoamAroma cup lids let your customers enjoy the passion you put in your coffee cup.

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