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Custom Coffee Cup with Lids

Branding Beyond the Cup: Choosing Custom Coffee Cup with Lids

How strong is your coffee shop’s brand? Maybe you have covered elements like having a unique logo and brand colors. But what about your coffee cups and lids? Your cups and lids are part of the product you sell. A custom coffee cup with lids can do so much to help you build and reinforce your brand.

How do you choose and design the best custom coffee cups and lids for your brand? This post will cover some points for custom coffee cups and lids.

Selecting the Right Custom Coffee Cup With Lids

Cup Sizes

Most coffee shops offer drinks in various sizes. The size is one of the first points to consider when selecting custom coffee cups. Start by considering the sizes you already offer. You may want to add a smaller size, like a 12-ounce coffee. You should also consider whether you have heard customers asking for different sizes.


The coffee cup materials are another critical consideration. Styrofoam is a classic option, but it is the least environmentally friendly material. Paper is the best option for branding and being eco-friendly. If you choose paper cups, you must decide between double and single-wall cups.

Better Lids

Not all coffee cup lids are equal. The science of coffee cup lids is surprisingly deep. The lids must be firm and flexible to offer a secure fit on the cup. You also want a cup that offers a good sip to your customers. Beyond that, consider biodegradable coffee cup lids for a more eco-friendly brand image. FoamAroma lids deliver a full sip while freeing the full aroma of the coffee. It makes them great for brands looking to create a better customer experience.

Cup Branding

A plain cup won’t do much for branding. That means you need to design the cup uniquely. You want customers to recognize your cups right no matter where they see them. Design the cups using your brand colors. You could also add your logo or other brand images. Brand slogans can also be an effective element in branding your coffee cups.


Beyond the custom cups and lids, your shop might have accessories that go with the coffee. For example, you might have protective sleeves customers can slide on the cups. However, the sleeve might obscure brand images once in place. That’s why you should consider branding the accessories that go with the coffee cups.

Are you looking to improve your brand image with better coffee shop supplies? FoamAroma lids can make a big difference.

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