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SCA Coffee Expo 2023

SCA Coffee Expo 2023: Unlocking the Latest Trends, Techniques, and Industry Insights

There is always so much going on in the coffee industry. One of the best ways to stay current is to attend the Specialty Coffee Expo. The SCA Coffee Expo 2023 is coming up soon and will be in Portland, Oregon.

This year’s expo will be at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. It will run from April 21-23 and host over 450 exhibitors. This post will cover some of what you can expect at the 2023 Specialty Coffee Expo in Portland.

The SCA Coffee Expo 2023

Learn About the Latest Coffee Research

The expo will serve as a showcase for some of the latest coffee research. One event is the Coffee Science Foundation Poster Session. It encourages researchers to create posters highlighting their latest findings. The Coffee Science Foundation Poster Session will be on April 21 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Make Connections

Coffee businesses and professionals come from all over to attend the SCA Expo. It makes for one of the top networking events in the industry. The Roaster Village is the center of much of this networking. It serves as a place for roasters, importers, and other professionals to connect and discuss the industry. Along with that, you also have the Green Coffee Buyers and Sellers Program. It is a special program to help connect buyers and sellers of green coffee.

Lecture Series

The event will also have a wide array of lectures each day of the expo. Some might be on topics like sustainable coffee practices or the latest industry trends. There are also expert workshops to offer advice to small coffee businesses. It is dozens of lectures over the three days. Regardless of your role in the industry, there will be lectures that should interest you. Click here to see the full lecture schedule.

Competitions and Awards

Attendees can also enjoy a variety of competitions at the SCA Expo. Professionals come from across the country for events like the US Brewers Cup Championship, US Barista Championship, and more. The expo also gives out awards for coffee design and the best new product.

Meet FoamAroma

You can also stop by our booth to learn more about FoamAroma and our coffee lids. We will be among the many exhibitors at the 2023 SCA Expo. Attendees can find us at booth 656. Meet our team and see how FoamAroma lids enhance the coffee experience for customers and businesses.

Do you want to learn more about FoamAroma lids and what makes them better? Click here to contact our team. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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