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WHAT’S NEW: Sample FoamAroma lids have been made in a new biodegradable material and are being lab tested for certification. Stay Tuned . . . .

My wife and I just enjoyed the most mesmerizing to-go coffee we have ever dreamed of thanks entirely to your genius lids! We don’t know what it has cost you to create it and make it available, but we are indebted to you and could not be more grateful and relieved. Thank You!!

We couldn’t stay away from your lids and had to return to Red Horn this morning. They were even better than we remembered! Here are some dead honest quotes from the bottom of our hearts. All rights, including edits, transferred to you without reservation:

Now I know how my parents felt watching the first moon walk. A plastic lid just lifted my to-go cup above the satisfaction of a ceramic mug!

The best lid I ever had previously was immediately downgraded to a ‘3’, at best. Future generations will never know how bad we had it.

We now travel past 15 excellent coffee shops just to get to the one carrying FoamAroma lids!

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