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to go coffee cups

Different Types of To Go Coffee Cups

Most consumers don’t spend much time thinking about the cups their coffee comes in. Many would be surprised to learn about the different to-go coffee cups available. You have various materials, coatings, and sizes. There are also significant differences between hot beverage cups and cold beverage cups.

For shop owners, the cups can affect the customer’s experience. It can determine the heat they feel when holding the cup. Some people even believe cup materials and coatings can influence the taste. Along with that, you have environmental concerns that come with some materials.


Styrofoam is a good choice if practicality is the only concern. They have a high heat threshold so that they can handle hot beverages. The material is also a decent insulator, so it can keep the drink warm, and customers won’t feel much heat on their hands. The low absorbency means that it will not have much of an effect on the beverage. You also do not need to worry about the liquid affecting the container’s integrity.

The primary negative of polystyrene is that it is not eco-friendly. The material takes hundreds of years to degrade. Additionally, some people do not like how the material feels on their hands or when they sip from the cups.


Paper cups are a popular option because they are economical. They are inexpensive, and they are reliable for the purpose. One issue is that paper is absorbent, so the cups need a coating to protect their integrity when holding liquid. Some people also believe the absorbency of paper cups can affect the beverage’s taste.

Shops have a lot of options for paper cups. You can choose between single and double-wall cups. There are also different insulated paper cups to keep drinks warm. Paper cups can have different coatings to prevent the liquid from affecting the material.


Most plastic cups are not suitable for hot beverages. Most disposable plastic cups do not insulate well. That means heat in the hands of customers could be an issue. Plastic cups also have chemical treatments that could be affected by the heat of the beverage.

Reusable plastic cups could be an option for some shops. Coffee shop owners could allow customers to use plastic travel mugs of different sizes. These mugs handle hot liquids and can offer a way to cater to some customers’ preferences.

Get the Best Lids for Your To Go Coffee Cups

Premium coffee cup lids can enhance the experience for your customers. Our lids work with most standard cup sizes. They also help to unlock the full flavors and aromas of to-go coffee. If you would like to learn more, contact the FoamAroma team today.


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