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Should Your Shop Sell Cold Brew Coffee?

Coffee shops have several beverage options they can sell. In most cases, you brew and serve the beverages hot. However, many coffee shops are experiencing an increased interest in cold coffee beverages. With this trend growing, many businesses wonder if they should sell cold brew coffee.

Iced coffee is one alternative to hot coffee, but it is not the same as a cold brew. With Iced coffee, you still use heat to brew the beverage. When you make a cold brew, you steep the grounds in cold water and use time to extract the flavors, oils, and caffeine.

Should your shop consider cold brew coffee? Read on to learn about some of the points to consider.

Should You Sell Cold Brew Coffee?


The first thing you need to consider is the demand. Do you have customers asking about cold brew coffee? Even if you don’t, do you think it is something that would appeal to your customer base? Low demand doesn’t necessarily mean you avoid it, but high demand is a great reason to give it a shot.


You also have to consider the level of investment required. The investment for a standard cold brew is low, but you will need equipment and supplies. Some shops might also consider a nitro cold brew system. The investment is higher but can pay off if the demand is there.


Is your staff ready to learn a new skill? You will need to teach them about making and serving cold brew coffee. They will also need to learn about cold brew coffee’s maintenance and sanitation concerns. The training will also be more extensive if you use a nitro brew system.


Does your team have the time for the additional work? Regular cold brew probably won’t add much to the workload, but there will be more work. Most shops should be able to integrate cold brew coffee without adding a lot of additional work. It probably means it is selling well if it requires hiring more people or adding hours to the schedule.


You have to be able to make money off the investment. With standard cold brew coffee requiring a lower investment, it is easier to turn a profit. With that said, nitro brew can sell for a higher price. Most shops won’t need much demand to see a return on investment.

The Best Coffee Experience

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