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WHAT’S NEW: Sample FoamAroma lids have been made in a new biodegradable material and are being lab tested for certification. Stay Tuned . . . .

Are there plans for Foam Aroma, to license its design (or develop and sell) for travel ceramic mugs. I would be willing to pay top dollar for a mug I could use everyday for my own home brewed coffee. I appreciate the lids because the extra opening allows for the olfactory experience to be added while sipping. Best way to imitate the at home open mug approach while driving.

Thanks for your quick response. I’ve seen your lids use by two different coffee shops that I visit when out of my area (central PA). Mea Cuppa in Charleston WV and Third Wave out of Lynchburg Va. Both locations I remember as the best “to go” coffee I’ve ever had. I would be excited to purchase for home use, I considered buying a 1000 and splitting with some of my friends, but wasn’t sure about what type of cup I’d need to purchase…. Keep up the good work, hope the product takes off in more locations.

I travel a fair bit but mostly around WV and PA. I usually make a point to seek out high end coffee shops wherever I’m at whether if its for work or pleasure, as does a good friend of mine. He has some connections with the owners and workers at what I consider the best roaster in PA, Passenger located in Lancaster. I can give him some to take around.

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