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WHAT’S NEW: Sample FoamAroma lids have been made in a new biodegradable material and are being lab tested for certification. Stay Tuned . . . .

Yes, I received the sample box-thank you thank you! I was actually really intrigued by the squat 8 oz cup, haven’t seen one like that before! But it totally makes sense to streamline all the lid sizes to truly be a one-size-fits-all system. I could definitely get behind that idea. We enjoyed testing out the different ways to sip and trying to splash coffee out of the holes in the lid, simulating a bumpy car ride or something, and are delighted at how sturdy the design and structure of the lids seem! My partner also approved and was glad to be able to try out the lids before buying. Thanks to the sample box, I am very satisfied with the product, and feel comfortable replacing our current lids. Therefore, I have already ordered a case of the lids and plugs from our friends at Geva, in anticipation of soon finishing up our current supply of hot lids. And I look forward to trying out the squatty 8 oz hot cups sometime in the future, and streamlining our lid system.

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