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Best Dessert Pairings with Coffee To Go

Having an array of treats to go with the hot beverages is an expectation of most coffee shop customers. But what are the best dessert pairings with coffee to go? That might be a matter of opinion, but there are a few popular options you can add to your menu.

Popular Dessert Pairings with Coffee To Go

Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is an obvious choice. The vanilla cake with a hint of cinnamon goes perfect with a cup of coffee. A classic coffee cake can be a hit among customers, but you have options to add flavors. Some people add fruit or frosting, but the brown sugar topping is all it needs.


Brownies can offer a delicious fudgy treat to go with takeaway coffee. The rich fudge flavor is an excellent complement to coffee, and they are easy for customers to take with them. They are also a familiar treat everyone knows.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are another classic pairing for hot coffee. The soft, sweet cake with cinnamon flavor and icing is a favorite of many. The flavors work well with coffee, and it is an easy cake to carry in a bag or eat on the go.


An assortment of muffins can help to fill out a coffee shop menu. Many coffee drinkers love a nice muffin with coffee, and they work well as takeaway food. Classics like blueberry and chocolate will be popular, but you have a variety of muffin recipes that could be popular.


It is hard to beat doughnuts if you are looking for a popular dessert to pair with coffee. Standards like glazed and powdered are sure to sell well. Beyond that, many coffee shops have success with gourmet or specialty doughnuts. But nothing beats a plain cake donut dipped in coffee. Yum!


Cookies can be great for coffee to go. They go well with coffee, and they are easy to eat as you travel and is another coffee dessert that offers a lot of options. Chocolate chip is a safe pick, but you have an almost endless number of recipes for cookies.


The soft, fluffy texture of a scone can make them a popular dessert. Some people also like them as a breakfast food, so they can be an excellent pairing for coffee. The classic scone can work well, but you could experiment with different recipes.

Mini Cheesecakes

The flavors of coffee and cheesecake are a nice match. With that said, a slice of cheesecake might not work well as a to-go food. You can get around that by making more miniature, cupcake-sized cheesecakes.

Enhance the Experience with FoamAroma Lids

A tasty dessert with coffee will be more enjoyable when customers can smell the beverage. Consult with our team to learn more about how FoamAroma can help you create a better coffee experience.

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