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non-coffee drinks

Top Non-Coffee Drinks to Have on Your Menu

Coffee and espresso drinks will be the main attraction at any café or coffee shop. As important as they are for the menu, the beverage options should not stop there. Some of your regular customers might want a change of pace. Other customers might only enjoy non-coffee drinks.

You can open your business up to more customers by offering drinks beyond coffee. People might want to stop in with a friend who doesn’t drink coffee. Parents might want options for hot beverages they can give their children. It is good business to have options for a wide array of customers.

What are the top drinks for coffee shops that are not coffee? Read on to find out.

Tea Drinks

Tea is likely to be one of the top options for non-coffee beverages. Black tea is the most popular, but you also have varieties like green tea and oolong. You can also offer different preparations or specialty tea drinks. As an example, green tea lattes are popular in some shops. Tea drinks like chai and matcha can also work as menu items for coffee shops.

Hot Chocolate

As a wintertime favorite of many, you can’t go wrong with hot chocolate. Most people at least have a nostalgic love for the beverage. It is also the perfect item on the menu for parents to buy for their young children. Beyond offering hot chocolate with whipped cream or marshmallows, you can find a range of recipes for this hot beverage.

Herbal Teas

Coffee shops can offer various herbal teas and teas made with tea leaves. People love herbal teas for the flavors, but the aromas are also part of the appeal. Many people also drink them for the purported health benefits. Coffee shops can consider chamomile, ginger tea, barley tea, or peppermint tea. However, there are dozens of herbal tea drinks you could add to your menu.

Hot Apple Cider

A cup of hot apple cider can be refreshing on a cool fall or winter day. The crisp flavor of apple cider is a delicious treat, and you can add flavors to make the drink more complex. For example, many customers will enjoy a beverage with apple cider and cinnamon.

Supplies for Non-Coffee Drinks

Like coffee, many of these hot beverages are better when you get the full experience with the smells. FoamAroma premium hot beverage lids can enhance the experience for coffee and non-coffee drinkers . Reach out to our team to get more information about using FoamAroma lids at your coffee shop.


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