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Boost Your To-Go Coffee Experience Using 5 Techniques

Successful shop owners sell more than just a good cup of coffee: they sell an experience. A high-quality to-go coffee experience can differ between customers recommending your shop and them never coming back.

Skilled baristas and quality beans are essential, but more goes into creating a good coffee experience. From the time they walk in the door to their last sip, it all matters.

Check out the following tips and techniques to help you create a better to-go coffee experience.

The Ordering Process

A good ordering process can make a significant difference. If the process lacks order or seems confusing, it will lead to dissatisfaction. With a smoother ordering process, you can create a more enjoyable experience.

Examine your current workflow and look for ways it can improve. Make sure to ask your baristas if they have any ideas. They handle the orders every day, so they should know if there are any shortcomings. Investing in ordering software could be another way to make the process smoother and more reliable.

Drink Presentation

Baristas should focus on drink presentation. Coffee drinkers often have expectations regarding the look of a drink. For example, they want to see a nice foam on their cappuccino. Being able to deliver on visual presentation will greatly enhance the experience.

Some coffee shops take it up a level by training baristas in latte art. It can be a nice touch to the presentation. Along with that, many customers appreciate the skill and attention to detail.

Use the Best Supplies

The supplies you choose can do a lot to upgrade the experience. Get high-quality mugs for customers who stay in the shop. If you offer pitchers or have plates and utensils, make sure they look nice.

Consider your takeaway supplies as well. Customers will appreciate better cups. Premium lids can also help your customers enjoy the coffee more. A good lid is easier to sip while still protecting against spillage. FoamAroma lids also allow the smells of coffee to reach the nose of the drinker.

Personal Connections

Customers want to feel like their local coffee shop knows who they are. Tell your baristas to try to remember the orders of regulars. They should also be friendly and upbeat when interacting with customers.

Taking the time to engage with customers is another good tip. You might not always be able to, but it can be good to slow things down when possible. Some customers might want to talk about coffee preferences. There might also be times when you can teach customers about different beans or processes.

Better Lids for a Better To-go Coffee Experience

Standard coffee lids can limit the to-go coffee experience. They don’t allow for a good coffee sip, blocking the aroma. FoamAroma lids are the only choice for coffee shop owners who want to offer the best experience.

Reach out to our support team to learn more about FoamAroma lids. We are serious about good coffee experiences, and we would be happy to answer your questions.

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