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top barista skills

Train Your Staff to Learn these Top Barista Skills

A coffee shop is only as good as its baristas. The best beans still need the proper care and attention to create flavorful, impressive coffee drinks. You need to make sure your team has the top barista skills.

From technical skills to customer service, it all plays a role in delivering the best experience. We will cover some of your baristas’ skills in this post.

The Top Barista Skills for a Successful Coffee Shop

Coffee Knowledge

A good barista should know about coffee. The flavor profile of different beans can vary. Some coffees have more robust flavors; others might be sweet or acidic. Baristas should also understand the ways lighter and darker roasts affect the taste. It will take time and experience to gain comprehensive knowledge, but you want baristas to have the basics at the beginning.

Processing & Production

Processing and production can vary from one shop to the next. However, baristas should learn the processes you use for preparing the beans. At the very least, most coffee shops will need baristas to know about using grinders. Roasting is another skill that could be important at some shops.


A true barista needs to learn about various coffee machines and brewing processes, and this includes everything from automatic drip brewers and espresso to French presses and pour-over coffee. Making high-quality coffee drinks can require a range of skills, and it takes time to perfect them all.

Drink Preparation

Beyond brewing and extraction, baristas need an array of drink preparation skills. They will need to make everything from the standard cup of coffee to complex espresso drinks. Baristas should also learn about milk steaming, proper pouring techniques for different beverages, and latte art.

Cleaning & Maintenance

There is more to being a good barista than the ins and outs of making the drinks. A skilled barista should also know the proper procedures for cleaning and maintaining the equipment. Clean, well-maintained equipment is vital for making good coffee. Furthermore, it can be helpful if they ever need to troubleshoot issues when drinks don’t come outright.

Personal Skills

A good barista will also possess a range of personal skills. They will recognize their role on the team and work well with others. 

Baristas should also have strong customer service skills and the ability to take and process orders quickly.

Better Supplies Make a Better Coffee Experience

With the right skills, you should arm your baristas with the best coffee supplies. That includes providing them with the best coffee lids.

Our premium lids will help your baristas deliver a superior coffee experience to your customers. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the difference FoamAroma lids can make. 

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