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popular coffee flavors

Top 10 Most Popular Coffee Flavors

Plain coffee is a must for any shop. With that said, you will find a large segment of customers who only drink flavored coffees. Offering the most popular coffee flavors will be vital for winning these customers over.

While there is an almost endless list of flavors you could offer, some are more popular than others. Read on to see our list of the ten most popular flavors for coffee. Many of these flavors have sugar-free versions, which some coffee drinkers prefer.


10 Popular Coffee Flavors

French Vanilla

Vanilla has become a standard in coffee shops. The subtle flavor of vanilla pairs perfectly with coffee. French vanilla also enhances coffee with a pleasant aromatic touch.


Another coffee flavor you can find almost everywhere is hazelnut. Hazelnut adds a sweet, almost buttery taste to a cup of coffee. The nutty aroma also works well with the smells of fresh-brewed coffee.


Coffee shop owners can’t go wrong with mocha on the menu. You have a nice blend of coffee, chocolate, and milk with this flavor. By adding chocolate, you get a level of sweetness and richness.


Caramel coffee is gaining popularity. The sweet, toasty flavor of caramel can be the perfect complement to a cup of coffee. It can also offer an alternative to sugar when looking to sweeten a cup of coffee.

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice is a seasonal favorite of many. It is a blend of spices, including ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. Many coffee drinkers believe it hits all the right notes on cool autumn evenings.


More shops are starting to offer peppermint coffee. It can be a nice seasonal treat during winter. The cool, minty flavor works well with a hot cup of coffee. You also get a pleasant minty aroma to accent the smells of the coffee.


Butterscotch can add an exciting element of sweetness and richness to a cup of coffee. You have that buttery flavor with a touch of molasses to complement the coffee. Like caramel, it can also be an alternative to adding a lot of granulated sugar to the coffee.


This flavor is an Italian liqueur, but there is no alcohol. Amaretto flavoring will give the coffee a toasted almond flavor. The nutty taste and aroma will make a hot beverage attractive to many coffee drinkers.


Cinnamon coffee can offer a sweet yet spicy touch to a cup of coffee. A little cinnamon can be good for adding that extra hint of flavor and aroma.


Maple is another flavor that is becoming more popular for coffee. The taste is complex but sweet. It pairs well with coffee, and maple syrup can be an alternative sweetener.

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